Purchase of credits with new project

It is possible during a grouping of credits to reduce its monthly payments and to finance a new project, here are the modalities to know concerning this financing. Projects, monthly payments: buying back credits Borrowers with monthly payments deemed too high or wanting to facilitate the management of their budget turn to the repurchase of credits in order to readjust […]

The credit blockchain: with or without the banks?

Our first reflex when we wish to take out a loan is to contact one or more banks through the intermediary (or not) of a broker. You may also sometimes use the services of a comparator. But with the advent of Blockchain, will this model still exist in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, ..? No one can really say today. […]

Reserve Money – Quick and Easy Credit Comparator

Sometimes when you want to have fun or an unforeseen occasion causes an urgent need for money, some people prefer to have capital rather than to draw on their savings. The opening of credit, also called revolving credit is a flexible and flexible form of credit consisting in making available to the borrower a sum of reusable money as and […]

How to manage your consumer credit?

Low rates and the timid return of confidence may encourage you to take out consumer credit. Whether to finance a new car, work in your home or finance the education of your children. Advised by your bank or broker, you may then decide to take out a loan and you agree to repay it. But this request is not trivial […]

How does online credit comparator works?

  Online credit simulation and comparison Why is it important to consult an online credit comparator before subscribing? It is essential to have several loan offers in front of you before signing a contract. Compare makes it possible to determine which loan is the most suited to his needs and also his repayment capacity. Borrowing money also costs money, so […]

The different types of consumer credit

Financing a car, going on a trip or even buying a new computer, all these projects require a certain amount of cash. But it is not necessarily available when you need it. This is why, to deal with these situations, it is possible to turn to credit. Depending on your project, your income but also your borrowing capacity, there are […]

Realize your home loan quote

Whether it is short term or long term, if you are thinking of realizing your real estate project, plan to obtain your loan by starting with a request for a mortgage loan quote. This will allow you to optimize your home loan in order to benefit from the best borrowing conditions. By using simulation tools on the web, you will […]

Choose the right work loan.

Do you need reliable financing to carry out your renovation work? The work loan is the most suitable solution for individual requests. Indeed, it is a consumer credit formula often assigned to the realization of a specific project to allow owners or tenants to improve their living conditions. Faced with a constant increase in the demand for works credit, banking […]